ATOPALM Adds Real Barrier Cica Relief Cream with Patented Maltese Formula MLE to Real Barrier Line For Breakout Recovery

ATOPALM, K-Beauty’s leading skincare brand dedicated to developing and marketing innovative, affordable and clinical-level skincare at home for dry, sensitive skin with patented Maltese MLE skin barrier formula has added Real Barrier Cicarelief Cream to its Real Barrier line. The Real Barrier skincare line is at the forefront of post-acne breakout recovery and care, for all skin types but especially for dry and sensitive skin. Real Barrier Cicarelief Cream soothes, calms and helps skin recover from external irritations…skin that has been compromised and requires “special care.” The perfect cream for those who have skin that requires “something extra.” The patented Maltese MLE formula helps to care for the skin barrier weakened by acne breakouts by infusing the skin barrier with a “bio-identical” healthy skin barrier.

In addition to the skin-strengthening Maltese Formula, Real Barrier Cicarelief Cream is formulated with high concentrations of CALAMINE to help protect the skin from outside irritations, PANTHENOL to calm and MADECASSOSIDE to soothe. It can also promote skin recovery after minor dermatological procedures as well as during and after monthly breakouts and blemishes. This pink, powdery cream assists in relieving the symptoms caused by exposure to irritating plants such as, but not limited to, Poison Ivy and Poison Oak. It is also ideal for use on sun burned skin.

Real Barrier Cicarelief Cream is dermatologist tested and free of the ten major known skin irritants, including paraben, mineral oil and artificial frangrance. For more information visit .


Dr. Raymond( is an innovator, inventor, and entrepreneur whose expertise in skin barrier technology has earned him worldwide recognition over the last three decades and developed ATOPALM and Real barrier( He published more than fifty articles covering his dermatological research and ”A Quest For Healing: A Memoir That Weaves Together Science, Family, and Faith. As he looks to the future, Dr. Raymond intends to share his knowledge and experience to help early-stage K Beauty companies/Brands.


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