‘I’m happy seeing people Bloom’

BLOOMING LIKE THE LOTUS Dr. Vicki Belo, Anne Curtis, Scarlet Snow, and Cristalle Pitt I will never do on anybody something I haven’t tried on myself,” says Dr. Vicki Belo , one of the most trusted names in dermatology and skincare in the Philippines. Now, she is pioneering Solta Medical’s new innovation, the Thermage FLX, which she just launched last week in Manila.

Adorned with the the insignia of a lotus flower, a symbol of youthfulness, the machine targets certain areas of the skin and produces heat energy to tighten it up. The mild heat sensation causes the skin to produce new collagen, which leads to smoother, tighter, and well-contoured skin.

Since the launch of the first thermage in 2002, Dr. Belo has been using the machine in many of her treatments. Because it is easy on the patient as well as the doctor performing the treatment, it is sometimes called the “lunchtime facelift.” Thermage FLX is ergonomically designed with upgraded hardware, digital touch screen interface, and, the best part, it’s environmental-friendly. “From 1,300 global warming process (GWP) it is now down to almost a zero,” says senior sales and brand manager of Solta Medical, Christopher Cachuela.

Thermage FLX has the distinct advantage of AccuREP, a more optimized system that delivers pulses accurately and as strong as the last one, and automatically measures and precisely tunes the amount of energy delivered to the patient and treatment area. The new machine also works 25 percent faster, dramatically shortening treatment time to 30 minutes.

One of the highlights of the evening Thermage FLX was launched was the introduction of its brand ambassador — Anne Curtis.

“So, I’ve been a Belo baby since I was 16 or 17 years old. When I was dealing with minor acne problems” says Anne. “I’d always been afraid to try anything [dermatological] that has to do with my face. I am now 34, and with all the workout and running that I do, it is important that you maintain the collagen in your face. The procedure is almost painless, I gave it a try, and I love it.”

At the launch, Anne sang a few songs to everyone’s delight.“Can you imagine a facelift that has no downtime—no cutting, no bleeding, no pain. It is all available here in the Thermage,” says Dr. Belo. “It’s that kind of procedure that requires nothing to prepare.” She adds that walksin at her clinic can immidiately have the procedure and get their next treatment, at the shortest, in six months.

“Beauty is not just physical,” muses Dr. Belo. “My favorite patient is the one who is really developed as a person, someone who has vitality, a love for life, and a love for God.” It is always the whole package for Dr. Belo, keeping in mind that beauty is always beyond skin deep, that beauty always has substance.

“That’s what makes me happy in my chosen career. The money is good and all. But I’m happy seeing people bloom,” beams Dr. Belo.



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