Iman Hasan On Achieving The Perfect No Makeup, Makeup Look

There is nothing more comfortable and easy than waking up and right away being ready to go on about your day. To Haute Beauty contributor and beauty influencer Iman Hasan , there are four things that you must tackle in order to gain the perfect no make-up, make-up look. Eyebrows, eyelashes, under eyes, skin and finally lips. Haute Beauty caught up with the beauty industry tycoon who dishes on her go-to personal guide for the top spots in Miami that will allow you to achieve the best results. Eyebrows

Some of us are lucky enough to have full thick brows, while others, unfortunately, not so much. To fix this, you can fill in your eyebrows every day or better yet, as Iman recommends, micro-blading. Micro-blading for eyebrows is a tattoo technique procedure in which a small handheld tool made of several tiny needles is used to add semi-permanent pigment to the skin. With this, Iman explains you can stay far away from too thick, and fake-looking eyebrows, and you can also avoid the need of waking up a couple of minutes extra early every morning to fill them in. Iman suggests her the infamous The Eyebrow Doctor . She is between New York and Miami and has done various celebrity’s extensions such as Serena Williams. She is known for making every person, no matter what, have beautiful eyebrows. Lashes

Iman says lashes is one of the most important features that will change your entire look. Lash extensions are extensions of hair placed individually in each eyelash. This pain-free, damage-free procedure allows you to stop using mascara and have natural (or not so natural, depending on your taste) looking lashes. Iman explains, “There is nothing better than waking up, looking in the mirror and being ready to go about your day”. Lash Society is Iman’s favorite place. Lash Society’s attention to detail and lash care makes the process worth it. Iman explains that to her, what makes Lash Society stand out is their importance towards lash care and their dedication to finding the perfect lashes that fit the client’s eye shape. Lash extensions are not the only option of treatment that Lash Society offers, or that Iman suggests. There is also Keratin Lash Tints to make your lashes darker, or a lash lift, to as the name says, lift your natural lashes. Under-eyes

Ditch the concealer forever by getting this procedure done. Under-eye fillers have become extremely popular in the past couple of years. They are injectable, long lasting results that make it easy to get rid of dark circles, eye bags, the hollows under the eyes, etc. Daniel Careaga ’s beautiful, quick and painless practice dark under-eyes and hollows. Iman points out how head injector, Reana Myers (aka injectables queen) is amazing at her craft and makes any procedure feel painless and easy while giving you the natural, flawless look. She is able to look at your face and recommend exactly what you need, and give you flawless results. “It’s an amazing procedure gets done in about 10-15 minutes. I personally recommend it to my friends and just about anyone that struggles with this!” Iman says. These fillers will keep you looking fresh-faced at all times. Skin

There are two different procedures that Iman suggests to be the cherry on top for the no make-up make-up look. Skin! the most important part of it all. Iman explains “To me, skin is my priority. When my skin doesn’t look right, I don’t feel right!” Iman suggests the IPL laser treatment with Maercks , in which the laser cleans a layer of pigment from your face, revealing a shiny, clear and even-toned skin complexion. Iman expresses how this facial procedure lets you get rid of wearing foundation, and instead makes it easier to focus on skincare. Iman says, “Dr. Maercks really focuses on explaining every detail of the procedure, the goal, and the aftercare for your skin.” Dr. Maercks Institute has become the go-to place for many known models and influencers such as Osmariel Villalobos , Sofia Morgan , amongst many more. Vana Laser Club is also highly recommended by Iman for acne scars, sun spots, etc. In addition to the IPL laser treatment, Iman’s guide to perfect skin is monthly facials. Gee Beauty is the #1 Miami place to go to for skin-care. Iman explains how a big part of having good, healthy skin is keeping up with it and having amazing products catered for your skin specifically. Iman’s go-to brands include Barbara Strum , Tata Harper , and SkinCeuticals . (to read more about Iman’s favorite products click here ). Given Miami’s weather, Iman says it is extremely important to take care of your skin. “I have been going to Gee Beauty for about 5 years, and my skin (even through bad times) always remains to look radiant and healthy.”


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